Monday, 16 May 2011


Redha? It is accept all what happen? Just be patient and sit back and relax wait something good happen?? Is that all redha all about? "Thanx coz u already can redha with what happen". that the last word from Cinta. She put redha in the middle of the sentence. I don't think that redha all about. She miss something on that redha word. Please Cinta, be acknowledgeable person. Redha is not be like that. Yes I accept your decision to put the end to our relationship. But I can't say No to Allah. I can't give all up to takdir. I shouldn't sit back and relax and just do nothing. Yes, Cinta already say 'tak nak'. Understood. All the effort that I done make Cinta more hate me. I don't know why. And when looking for the answer Allah show me a way in firman, Baqarah 216. More then less, about something that you don't like is not something that can harm you, and something you like is not something that can make you happy. I met with this firman is just in coincidence and doesn't mean to manipulate this firman to make Cinta feel down but I want you to think. Use your mata hati.

On my reading also, I find out, women have 9 emotion rather than 1 logic think. No wonder, till now, I can understand Cinta. And that's why I forgive her is not because I love her, I forgive her because I know human being are so weak...including me..

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